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How to Overcome Fear of Giving Child Birth

How to Overcome Fear of Giving Child Birth

hild birth can be an immensely fulfilling as well as an equally overwhelming experience for a would-be mother. According to recent studies, an intense fear of child birth can often lead to miscarriages or C section deliveries in certain cases. Therefore, along with caring for your growing bodily needs, you would also have to keep your mind in control. A positive mind-set will certainly help to overcome fear of giving child birth.


Some of the following tips can help substantially to overcome fear of giving child birth.
  1. Do not discuss the experiences you mother or anyone else might have undergone. Remember, no two deliveries are the same. Just because your mother had a painful experience to deal with, does not mean that history would repeat itself. Every pregnancyis unique.
  2. Quite often, your subconscious fears might be causing the problem. In case you are extremely scared of the prospect of child birth and cannot put a finger on the underlying causes, consider visiting a counsellor. He will help in unravelling your hidden fears and provide remedies for them. Hence it would be easier for you to overcome fear of giving child birth.
  3. Most often, the actual cause of fear and worry would beOf motherhood. Most expecting women are concerned about their capabilities. They also continue to worry about the several problems which might arise while nurturing the newborn and so on. If such is the case, you need to talk it out with your elders and friends and sort all misconceptions for effective respite.
  4. You should assess all your options and discuss it out with the doctors, way ahead of time. If you have any doubts pertaining to the process of childbirth, have a discussion with your doctor.
  5. Make sure, you have plenty of support around you when the bigday arrives. Having your partner around during the child birth process could be especially helpful. If you are keen on a natural delivery, make sure your midwife is around as well. Communicate with your doctor as often as you can. It is important to trust him completely.

Consider making childbirth an enjoyable experience by learning to overcome fear of giving child birth through simple yet effective measures.

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