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How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Prevention is better than cure so why not avoid stretch marks altogether then wait for them to fade later when there is really no guaranty of a full remedy. Here are some great tips to learnhow to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

1.Keep a watch on your weight

The normal practice is to apply lotions and creams to keep your skin soft. But, the real secret is to maintain your weight gain under the permitted range so that it stops the skin from stretching too much. Gain weight steadily. Stretch marks only happen when you start gaining weight fast.  Follow your doctor’s advice to gain weight gradually, rather than gaining your pregnancy weight all together. This will greatly reduce the chance of you ending up with stretch marks.

2.Control your diet

A great way to keep your weight under control is to follow a balanced and healthy diet which keeps your weight gain within the permitted range and slowly increase it at a regular proportion instead of a fast growth. In this way your skin gets enough time to adjust to the increasing size of the stomach. Also choose your diet well. Food items like oil seeds and nuts, wheat germ and whole grains, oats, milk, fruits and vegetables, eggs etc. contains zinc, vitamin A and vitamin E, which should be included in your diet. These aid to enhance the skin’s elasticity and health.

3.How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy with moisturizer?

To keep up a healthy skin, always keep it well moisturized from the day you plan to get pregnant and continue the process throughout your pregnancy and even after the delivery.

4.Retain skin elasticity with creams and moisturizer

 Creams and moisturizer keep your skin supple and elastic.

    Stretch marks prevention creams

Stretch marks prevention creams can be used for your lower abdomen area. These nourishing oils, lotions, or creams contain ingredients for instance vitamin A and vitamin E. Home remedies like Cocoa butter, pure lanolin, wheat germ oil, Almond oil, Bio oil, and shea butter, can improve the elasticity and strength of the skin.

    Keep your skin moisturized with moisturizers.

It is vital to use a moisturizer to hydrate the skin anywhere you might get stretch marks like your abdomen, sides, lower back, thighs and legs. Choose a product specially made for pregnant women, or use a natural oil because regular lotion will not seep into the skin deep enough to keep it hydrated, so apply moisturizer on your skin in the morning after bathing and yet again at night. If your skin starts to itch where it is getting stretched, then it is a clear sign to add more moisturizer in that particular area.

5.Avoid using harsh chemicals on the skin

 A lot of commercial body washes have sulfates; these sulfates can make your skin dry and make it reduce its elasticity over time. Select a cleanser made out of natural oils. These natural oils can hydrate your skin, rather than making it consume too much moisture. Home remedies like Coconut oil can work as a healthy skin cleanser.

6.Increase blood circulation by using a body brush

To avoid stretch marks gently massage or scrub your body with a body brush while having your bath. This process will also increase blood circulation in the area.

7.Practice dry brushing

Exfoliating your skin with a dry brush can increase blood circulation and keeps your skin healthy. Dry brushing is recommended as a way to lessen the look of stretch marks that have already formed, but it can also work as a preventative technique.
    1.Make use of a dry brush made from natural fibers. The bristles must be stiff, however not too tough.
    2.Start brushing from the bottom of your legs and to your skin upward toward your heart.
    3.Concentrate on areas where stretch marks might become a problem, like your abdomen, sides, lower back, thighs and legs.
    4.After you brush, take a shower to remove the dead skin cells.
    5.Do not use dry brush on your breasts, because the skin there is more sensitive and might get damaged by brushing.

8.Exercise to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

To avoid stretch marks perform some mild exercises or going for a walk increases the blood circulation which is also good for your skin.

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