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Yogkark moving coil planet: Raja Yoga: Dnyog: penniless Yoga: The conjunction of the planets:

Some chart success and prosperity can be traced to the sum of the 
 power of ascendant 
power of the moon 
 power of the sun 
 power of the tenth house 
 Yogkark planet 
 a planet with sun center and triangle becomes the owner says it Yogkark planet. 
Yogkark Planet Best fruit. 
Raja Yoga 
Center owner if the owner makes the connection if a triangle is called Raja Yoga. 
  following relationship between the two planets are seen - 
1 conjunction 
2 Vision 
3 changes 
one, two, five, nine and Supplier eleven funds expressions. Conjunction of the owners, view or change Dnyog it is called relationship is formed. 
penniless yoga 
 conjunction, vision or changes regarding the three, six, eight :,, if that were the twelve sense of humor Karktw that are destroyed. If three, six :, eight, twelve expressions of wealth relationship (one, two, five, nine and eleven) is the sum of it is poor. 
much in the sun and less scaly Raja Yoga and Yoga will be Dnyog the Native will prosper equally. 
expressions conjunction of two planets fruit 
conjunction of two planets in the horoscope of a sense of what the fruit is. 
Ravi-Chandra: Native iron, stone merchant, craftsman, architectural, sculpture 
Sun-Tue: knight, successful, false-hard, Agyyvsayi, 
Sun-Wed: well-spoken, scholar, ऎshwarywan, lucky, artist, writer, reader, thinker, 
Sat-Guru: believer, preacher, Rajmany, knowledgeable, 
 Mon-Fri: painter, Netrrogi, luxuriant, Erotic Lavichark, 
Sun-Sat: Low semen, knower of metals, believer, 
 moon-Tue: victorious, skilled speaker, heroic, knight, Klakushl, courageous, 
Moon-Mercury: Religion lover, scholar, lovely, serene wisdom, modifiers, 
Moon-Venus: businessman, happy, voluptuous, rich, 
 moon-Sat: Shilhin, impoverished, stupid, deceitful, 
Tuesday-Wed: crust, speaker, physician, Shilpjञ, vakeel, 
 Tue-Thu: mathematician, Shilpjञ, scholar, Vadypriy, 
Tue-Fri: Business skilled, metal modifiers, Yogabyasi, task-oriented, pilot, 
Tue-Sat: insidious, sly, magicians, creeps Labiswasi, 
Wed-Thu: speaker, pundit, speech in the House, noted, poet, poetry -srista, modifiers, 
Wed-Fri: scribe, gay, happy, ruler, 
Wed-Sat: poet, orator, scholar, lecturer, artist, 
Thu-Fri: happy, strong, smart and noble, 
 Thu-Sat: efficient, wealthy , glorious, and honorable character Kirthywan 
 Fri-Sat: painter, ranchers, craftsman, patient, semen-pathogenic when the two planets together
and diseases conjunction of two planets 
Jupiter-Rahu: asthma, tuberculosis, breathing. 
Monday-Wed: asthma, shortness of breath. 
Chandra-Rahu: madness or pneumonia (fever). 
Sun.-Fri: asthma and tuberculosis. 
Tue-Sat: body bursts, diseased, blood-related. 
Venus-Rahu: impotence, wet dream, on genitals. 
Venus-Ketu: pee, metal disease, sugar. 
Thu.-Tue: jaundice. 
Thu-Tue conjunction accidental result: 
marriage, job, business, child, housekeeping related Suky good and bad events in life happen suddenly. Join sudden marriage, promotion, without changing the home, loss of job, workplace, city-country migration, diseases like Paralysis 
nature of Saturn Mercury 
Sun and Saturn: the ill effects will have to face. 
these measures to avoid the ill effects 
of the sun and moon : 
Karktw give the fruit, the sun and moon to visit the father, the child grows out of the development. 
Sun and Tue: 
hubris ,, Mngl blood volume increases, so that the blood diseases father to son, 
Sun and Mercury: 
Father and son both educated, prestige in society, 
the Sun and the master: get respect in terms of reputation, 
the Sun and Venus: 
Money plethora of houses and 
lack of child health Fri down. 
Sun and Saturn: 
work relating to government , lazy son: father-son does not grow on living together, Pitra Dosha, 
Sun and Rahu: 
father's death in accident occurs, a medicine Riyekson, is due to alcohol. 
Sun and Ketu: 
religious, life Nana passes nearby. 
conjunction of three planets fruit of the 
sun-moon-Tue: knight, cold-blooded, knowledgeable, powerful, scientists, artisans and efficient, Sun-Moon-Sun: stunning, scholar, science lover, Rajmany, lucky and Policy Master, 
Sun-Moon-Teacher: Yogi, knowledgeable, penetrating, Sumyvritti, happy, affectionate, thinker, skilled worker and believer, 
Sun-Moon-Venus: businessman, happy, childless or small child, greedy and modest man, 
Sun-Moon-Sun: ignorant, sly, loquacious, hypocritical, rash, restless and distrustful, 
Sun-Tue-Wed: courageous, stubborn, ऎshwaryhin, passionate, impetuous, arrogant and vain to talk, 
Sun-Tue-Thu: Rajmany, truthful, stunning, dives, impressive and honest, 
Sun-Tue-Fri: elite, hardened, sumptuous, eye patient and proficient, Sun-Tue-Sat: Money-Jnhin, miserable, greedy and be humiliated, Sun-Wed -guru: scholar, smart, craftsman, writer, poet, composer scripture, eye or arthritis patient and ऎshwarywan, 
Mon-Wed-Fri: sad, loquacious, rambling, spiteful and hateful acting, 
 Tue-Wed-Sat: Kladvesi, crooked, Dnnashk, 
Sun-Thu-Fri: altruistic, gentle, Rajmany, pathogenetic eye, prominent and successful operations director, 
 Sun-Thu-Sat: immoral, unhappy, suffering enemy, anxious, leprosy patient and lowly, 
Mon-FRI Sat: wicked, vile employed, suffering from disease and public dispensed hateful, 
moon-Tue-Wed: harsh, sinful, cunning, ruthless and evil temperament, lunar-Wed-Thu: Money greedy, envious, Acharhin, Dnbhik, elusive and Sly, 
moon-Wed-Sat: Turbulent prudent, Vcnptu, Rajmany and task oriented, moon-Thu-Fri: happy, virtuous, wealthy, ऎshwarywan, leader, Ktt ü Wyashil and clever, moon-Thu-Sat: noble, leader, good sense, vakeel practitioner, Agyapak and lawyer, 
moon-Fri-Sat: writer, teacher, Sukarmrt, astrologer, editor, professional and hard-working, 
Tue-Wed-Thu: poet, best man, singing-master, woman with pleasure, philanthropic, innovative, 
 Tue-Wed-Fri: Kulhin, Viklangi, playful, altruistic and Rash, Tue-Wed-Sat: addictive, Overseas, Mukrogi and Kartwychyut, 
 Tue-Thu-Sat: Rajmitr, luxuriant, Suputrwan, ऎshwarywan, happy and businessmen, 
Tue-Thu-Sat: Full ऎshwarywan, rich, virtuous, 
Thu-Fri-Sat: urbane, kuldeepak, ruler, high officials, innovative work is founder and patron. 
Surya Chandra and Mngl: 
 father agriculture, horticulture or agriculture , is a blood disorder, mother or mother is angry. 
Sun Moon and Mercury: 
farming errands, traveling abroad is a son, father sells or buys the land, deceive. 
Surya Chandra and Guru: 
father Visit errands, change of residence, foreign people is respected. 
Sun Moon and Venus: 
Father's life affair of two women, one sister married into good families, parents in the name of money, land, housing is also Diabetes is a disease. 
Sun Moon and Saturn: 
 a son serving abroad is the act of traveling father, mother diseases that are cold or arthritis. 
Sun Moon and Rahu: 
 Father and son both watch the same TV, Computer, photography is a hobby, 
Sun Moon and Ketu: 
There are knowledgeable Vedic grandfather, grandmother Judy is also religious and Vedic books, or silver work related to water, a son Lsrkari knowledge of Ayurveda or farming or water pipeline The work of the tank. 
Tue-Sun and Moon: 
 Father mighty and stubborn nature, Jataka, father of water and farming machines, water business Jataka, Jataka or father attachment of military or police. 
Sun Tue and Wed: 
three brothers total amount of the three planets are in man, agent, type of deception with her ​​cousin. 
Sun Tue and Thu: 
Father impressive place in society is high, the twenty-fourth year of age after stroke is launched, fathers rights get quite a lot. 
Sun Tue and Fri: 
father, a brother and a sister, wife in the sense of ego, the advancement of a brother is married.
Sun-Tue and Thu: children would suffer, father are enemies, after thirty years of age advancement, relocation, car mightily to life. 
Tue-Sun and Rahu: 
 a brother of the father of the industry accident of some sort in the works, last life is in trouble, Native Son suffer, work computer or photography. 
Tue-Sun and Ketu: 
Family is always conflict, knowledge of the law, not summer fun life, his nature acrimony, leadership work, has to be blood disorders in the body. 
Surya Sun and Moon : 
  father lived life wisdom in the works, the works of Father medicines, flowers or fruit Ayurveda Moon, Mercury Down to business, education comes a time in the obstacle course. 
Surya Sun and Tue: 
  Father of land benefits, barriers in education is born of mutual differences within brethren. 
Sun Mercury and tricks: the knowledge of what you are young, knowledgeable of worship yoga and successful life after birth father, a brother, popular, 
sun, Mercury and Venus: 
 a child is very educated , land, building and are Swarisadn, brokerage work in the lives of parents, social service and the woman's boyfriend. 
Sun-Wed and Fri: 
Father does not cooperate with the government helps, the sum of state service. 
sun Mercury and Rahu: 
father and grandfather both famous: money and land to the Father, etc. flying of alcohol or drugs or accidental incidents in turn, work with Air Lines, rarely get heritage. 
relationship of the sun, Mercury and Ketu 
Sun With Mercury and Ketu: Native uncle's family or the court Kesho Lpita trouble is effective.

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