Thursday, 16 October 2014

गर्भधारण से पहले जानें इन सवालों के जवाब

Answer those questions largely in today's world can be known through the Internet. If however you receive from your doctor would be better to let them find answers to some questions.
Questions Before Getting Pregnant

Meet your doctor to answer questions related to pregnancy, your doctor will ask you a few things there. How many years of your marriage, you have to family planning measures adopted or adopted what had happened, or you're not first conceive And so many more questions such.

Your doctor may ask you whether you've had a miscarriage before. If it is, what causes it. And it is right to ask Savage organizations from healthy pregnancies. As a young man several times before the marriage due to an affair and gets pregnant in the abortion is necessary. If your doctor tell if such an incident is necessary.

Your doctor told you that you also would like to ask if someone is going to treat the disease. So if you're going to treat any disease, illness and medicines to be taken to their doctor must give the information.

People who have neurological diseases being treated becomes difficult for them to conceive successfully. So after knowing about this, your doctor can advise you what you do right. In many cases, doctors recommend closing some medicines or other medicines have their turn. If you to or the brain tumor apoplectically medical condition such as or the are a disease of the Fits their medicines in the having difficulty childbearing if. Besides, in many cases have to be careful. So it must give the information to your doctor.

  • अगर आप गर्भ निरोधक गोलियों का सेवन करती आई हैं तो आप डॉक्टर से यह पूछ सकती हैं कि  अगर गर्भ धारण करनी हो तो कितने दिनों पहले गर्भ निरोधक गोलियों का सेवन करना बंद करना होगा।
  • You should also ask your current weight right or need to make it more or less.
  • You can also ask your doctor whether there are some special exercise needs are more likely to lead to pregnancy.
  • If you want to conceive at the age of that age what are the risks and what precautions should be taken, etc. can also ask your doctor.
  • O If you already have a child then you should ask how much is appropriate for the present conception of the second child.
  • आपको गर्भधारण के लिए क्या खाना पीना चाहिए, कितनी नींद लेनी चाहिए एवं किस पोज में सहवास करने से गर्भधारण के चांसेस ज्यादा होते हैं इन सब बातों पर अपने डॉक्टर से जानकारी लेनी चाहिए ताकि आप आसानी से गर्भधारण कर सकें तथा आपका बच्चा स्वस्थ पैदा हो साथ Such activity at the time of delivery to you or your child have no problem.

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