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White or yellow part of eggs, what's more beneficial

Related to health and diet is not easy to get answers to some questions. Discrete and opinions of different people and makes it difficult for these answers. Something in someone's view is correct, then it is opposed to the second information. Now in the eyes of many carbohydrates can make you fat, so it is very important in the eyes of some.Perfect for any exercise to lose weight have to admit, it can be separated from another person's opinion. Burn Fat considers the rarest of any recipe, if anyone has some good in the eyes of not only his way. And whether such a question is better than egg white or whole egg can be eaten.
Nutritious breakfast egg comes in the line of the top of the list. However, which part of it may be eaten and which do not, this is not an opinion. Due to the high amount of cholesterol in eggs yellow portion is said to be harmful to health. And then the fat content is high enough.
So let's go, divided between white and yellow eggs take a look at the nutrients. Maybe after reading this article about the yoke of eggs underwent some changes in your thinking. And you should assume that the yoke would not do so bad, as you have come to understand.

Not only cholesterol, nutrition is also

Let your thing. Cholesterol and fat in eggs is the yoke. But, at the same time it contains all the essential nutrients.However, some people live off eggs from the yellow part. They are full of fat and cholesterol can damage their health is part of it. However, they forget that it is actually quite beneficial for your health is part of it. And then somewhere between egg intake and heart disease or had no connection.

Despite the beneficial cholesterol

US-based University of Connecticut researchers support the egg for your health is excellent. He says that despite the excess cholesterol in eggs is beneficial to the body all the nutrients are plentiful.

Research has proven

To prove their point, researchers conducted a study. He added through a group of eggs was 640 mg cholesterol.The thing to keep in mind is that every yoke 200 mg cholesterol. The results of the research were unlike those old beliefs, the yellow part of the eggs used to tell hazardous to health. In research it appeared that those who had consumed the eggs with yoke, good cholesterol or HDL levels in their bodies was significantly higher than those those who did not consume cholesterol from the yoke of eggs.

Cholesterol is not so big villain

You notice that charged through dietary cholesterol in your arteries is straightforward. However, despite the increase in good cholesterol levels. In another research, published in 2007, it was stated that the egg does not increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Six or more eggs a week, it said that the day does not have any negative effect on the heart by eating an egg.

The effect of cholesterol on heart

Yet heart disease as the total level of cholesterol does not matter too much, as that is considered. Little increase in the intake of cholesterol is not so dangerous.

The body makes cholesterol itself

When you take cholesterol through diet, cholesterol in the body building process is slow. And if the same picture is seen in reverse, so if you do not eat cholesterol, the body is producing too much of it. He makes it to meet your needs.

benefits of egg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       A wealth of nutrients

If the concern is to put a side of cholesterol in eggs contain many nutrients.Many of these nutrients are such that you do not get from other foods. Choline (choline) is one such essential nutrient, which is extremely beneficial for brain health. Karotenoids (carotenoids), for eyes and Jiksonthin (zeaxanthin), which is an anti-oxidant, such elements are healthy. This is only a declaration, just a list of the nutrients present in eggs is too long.

Weight reduced egg

So everyone knows it, and this research also has put its seal on it.

Are still in dilemma?

If you are still in dilemma whether or not to eat the eggs pallor, then Keep these things
first. Yellow portion of egg contains 13 essential nutrients, and nothing happens except the white part of the protein.
2. Be taken not as bad cholesterol through diet, have gone as you think.
3. Egg weight loss is more effective than the same calorie carbohydrate snack. So, now you must have understood that the yellow part of eggs is actually more beneficial than white. However, also note the fact that everything is good and egg intake within the exception. Your other food habits, lifestyle and many other reasons that affect your health. How much should you eat eggs and how to talk to your dietitian or doctor asks.

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