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How to increase the body's disease-resistance power?

Around our bodies all the time millions of bacteria and viruses is present. Disease resistance force our body / immune system that protect our body from these dangerous bacteria and viruses that. You shall see that, in similar circumstances, some people get sick often quickly because of some individual good disease resistance power for a long time is not ill. Our bodies depend on the disease resistance power as many memorabilia that our food - and our lifestyle habits. Body healthy and disease-free is absolutely necessary to have a good strong disease resistance power. Some measures to increase disease resistance power of our bodies is given below:

Diet (diet)

of our body and our body's disease fighting T-cells and macrophages retaliatory force fighter that also require regular nutritious diet equilibrium. You will see that the equilibrium diet that children are malnourished child is sick soon. Body for disease resistance strength zinc, iron, selenium, copper, folic acid and vitamins A, B6, C, E and anti-oxidants such as micro-nutrients that are required.

  • Equilibrium Diet / Balanced diet : disease resistance force is required to move to regular equilibrium diet. Much evidence nutritious diet in fruits, vegetables and protein-rich and fatty things to include visitation at all.
  • Food Pyramid : What in the amount of food should help to know that taking food pyramid. Read to learn about the food pyramid:   Food Pyramid   
  • Anti-oxidants : the body of evidence that the disease eligible for compensation strength must take anti-oxidants. Anti our body to heal damaged muscle and to sleep off aging. Under the advice given to you by your doctor or a diet containing anti-oxidants and vitamins can take medication.    
  1. Beta-carotene - the apricots (apricots), green cauliflower (broccoli), beetroot (beets), spinach (spinach), tomatoes (tomatoes), Mka (corn) and carrots (carrots), is found in. 
  2. Selenium - The barley (oats), onion (onion), sunflower flower seed (sunflower seeds), mushroom (mushroom), brown rice (brown rice), eggs (eggs), fish (fish) and mutton (meat) in is found. It helps to protect the body from cancer types. 
  3. Vitamin A - The Sugar Loaf (sweet potato), carrots (carrots), apricots (apricots), green vegetables (green vegetables), red pepper (cayenne), cantaloupe (muskmelon) is found in.   
  4. Vitamin B2 - The spinach (spinach), hearts (almonds), soybeans (soybean), mushroom (mushroom), cow's milk (cow's milk) is found. 
  5. Vitamin B6 - the spinach (spinach), plantain (banana), potatoes (potatoes), sunflower flower seed (sunflower seeds) is found. 
  6. Vitamin C - The Santra (orange), tomato (tomato), papaya (papaya), strawberries (strawberries), cabbage (cauliflower) is found in. 
  7. Vitamin E - the carrots (carrots), papaya (papaya), spinach (spinach), sunflower flower seed (sunflower seeds), hearts (almond) is found. 
  8. Vitamin D - the milk (Milk), mushroom (mushroom), egg (egg), salmon (salmon), sardines fish (sardines) is found. 
  9. Zinc - the gourd seed (pumpkin seeds), sesame (sesame seeds), barley (oats), yogurt (curd), shrimp (shrimp), oysters (oysters), mutton (meat) is found in.    
  • Water / water - at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day to take. Eligible proof drinking water is obtained from the body force and is properly digested. Unnecessary substances from the body of water exits the body. 
  • Cleaning / Hygiene - while cooking dinner and take special care of the cleaning. Place outside the house clean and delicious, spicy food should prioritize. Unclean and stale food from many unwanted digestive disease that may be related to your disease resistance strength is weak. 
  • Herb / herb - to enhance their disease resistance power of herbs you can use something like eminent cocculus indicus extract, Ashwagandha powder, garlic, ginger, ginseng, turmeric and so on. Now the climate is cold and disease resistance power surge this season is the best time. This season, with regular exercise and morning and at night with warm milk with 1 Cmchc Chyawanprash can force strength is its disease resistance. 

Routine / lifestyle 

disease with diet for counteracting power surge is necessary to make changes in our routine. If we change some bad habits, to avoid certain diseases and can also increase the power of your disease is retribution.

  • Are stress  / stress management   - to try that you fear, anger, anxiety and stress away from the body, mental Struo. Cortisol in our bodies when we are tense hormone is produced in large quantities.This hormone causes obesity, heart disease, can cause problems such as cancer. You stay relaxed yoga, pranayama, meditation or have my dream job. Upon the advice of a psychologist should take more stress. 
  • To exercise / exercise - research has shown that people who regularly 30 to 40 minutes 5 days a week to exercise, that people 50 to 60% less than other people that are ill. Regular exercise also helps you control your weight and disease resistance power increases. In fact, regular exercise is the key to a healthy life. 
  • Weight control / weight control - the problem of obesity in this age is spreading like an epidemic.Obesity is your invitation to many serious diseases. To increase its Rogpratikar power to control weight to be healthy is extremely important. For more information, read about Weight control: Weight Management  
  • Sleep / gold - after working day 7 to 8 hours a day for your mind and body that sleep is important.Who is your mind and body more efficient and fit enough to live comfortably.     
  • Ri habits left / Stop Bad Habits  - Healthy and fit body, alcohol, smoking, chewing tobacco consumption and to sacrifice more bad habits. These habits that sensation you'll find a few moments for your health and your family's habits are nothing short of a poison. The logo is such bad habits are sick quickly and caused them serious illness of disease is the common person.  
  • Hygiene should / be clean - your body - your surroundings - to keep the environment clean. Only by keeping hygiene, you can drive away about 50% illnesses. Clean themselves and others to inspire people to keep the hygiene, so you can avoid the diseases caused by the rest logo. 
  1. Daily bathe 
  2. Clean teeth twice a day 
  3. Always wash your hands well to     
  4. If you're traveling somewhere to go out or to keep up with the antibacterial hand sanitizer 
  5. To shampoo twice a week 
  6. Home / office should focus on the cleaning 

    • Health testing / health check - regular health examinations from your doctor are provided. Do not ignore symptoms of any illness or disease. According to the doctors advice before disease progression at the appropriate time to begin treatment. All supported by their children age / vaccination farmer. Do not take any medicine without doctor's advice. Your health history, your doctor / medical history, according to enhance disease resistance force appropriate diet, exercise and get advice about medication. Do not take any medicine without consulting inexplicably small problem.     
    The above diet, exercise routine and follow the advice of your disease, you can increase resistance power can enjoy a healthy life as well as the healing. If you have any questions that you should consult your doctor can ask or comment in the box.  

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