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EYE'S PROBLEMS(आँखों में दर्द)

Eye pain is a common symptom, which may need to consult the doctor. Eye pain can be of different types - such as - burning, pricking, as well as getting some sensation in the eyes, pain, Fdkn, or sudden sharp pain etc rising.


Many diseases can cause pain in or around the eyes. If your pain is chronic and acute, or it may have diminished eyesight, contact the doctor. Some common causes of eye pain -
  • Kanjktiviti (Pink Eye), or inflammation of the eyelids
  • Kmplikeshns contact lenses
  • In the eyes of something external to
  • Infection, injury or other problem
  • Corneal injury or wound (something external, friction)
  • Eye Surgery
  • Glaucoma (eye pressure to go)
  • Migraine Pain
  • Sinus
  • Burning
  • Eyelid rash (Hordiolm)


Eye pain intensity and different can be, and the pain of each person individually can affect range. Eye problems can be found in people suffering from the following symptoms -
  • Eye or around pain
  • Fading Dhshti (partially or wholly)
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Two - two things look
  • Prkashvritt look around the light source
  • Air bubbles, spots or shadows look
  • Inability to rotate the eye
  • Pain in the eyes rotate
  • See flashes of light or stripes
  • Severe headache with eye pain


Doctor to identify the cause of your pain and other conditions of the patient's medical information is required before. The doctor may ask you when the pain began, where the pain is, how long it lasts, what caused the pain increases or diminishes, the lenses you use Conntekt; If there is a history of eye injury or surgery related to the fact you could even be asked. Including a complete physical examination, your doctor will examine the eyes, such as - your vision, eyes and around inspection of tissues, eye movements, visual field (peripheral vision), pupil reaction to light. Based on your history and tests, the doctor may recommend some or all of these -
  • Opthelmoscop examined by the eyes - the eyes to look behind . The optic disc and blood vessels can be seen.

  • Slit Lamp test: This is a microscope,  the surface of the eye can be observed - such as corneal abrasion or ulcer / injuries.
  • If glaucoma is suspected Tonopen the slit lamp or  device name Tonometer putting pressure on your eyes, check its help.
  • आँखों में दर्दनिवारक दवा की एक बूंद डालकर इसका परीक्षण करें। अगर आँखों की सतह पर दर्द हो तो यह दर्द ठीक हो जाएगा, जबकि अगर दर्द आँखों की भीतरी संरचना में हो तो यह ठीक नहीं होगा।
  • फ्लोरेसिन जांचः इस जांच में आँख में फ्लोरेसिन नाम का एक रंजक डाला जाता है, जिससे घर्षण, घाव या कॉर्निया में किसी तकलीफ का पता लगाया जा सके।


There was pain at the back of the eye lids from small pustule serious problems - such as glaucoma or some other major problem might be. Therapy depending on the disease status and the right eye specialist can understand it.
  • Kanjktiwaitis (pink eye or eye redness) - is difficult to distinguish infection from bacteria or viruses, so when eye drops can lead to infection, Mlhm, and is used to treat the pain with drugs. Allergy Treatment Antihistamin on Kanjktiwaitis, or other Antielrgik eye drops are used.
  • Corneal abrasion or Gavः  antibiotic eye drops (to prevent infection), Eye Mlhm, and pain medications are brought to work.

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