Wednesday, 3 December 2014

How to Live Young Forever

Hard Work
To live young it is very necesarry to be happy and praised for that you have to work hard in your office or business so that you always receive success and hence achivements, that keeps you motivated and confident, always remember hard work is key to success in any area. Success, Achivements, Confidence keeps you young forever. In medical point of view when somone apply his/her mind full then blood ciculation of face increases that increase the redness on your face that will make your face glow always.

Have a dream and Follow it
Having dream for your self and living your dream is very important, it will always encourage you to do better and keep active, following your dream always keeps yourself ahead in life and you will be busy all day, keep no space of negativitywhile chasing your dreams however you have to introspects yourself and monitor your path to be ensure that you are going in right direction. Having dream for future never allow you to grow old as this will ensure that you have to achieve too many things in your life and you dont have to be old so early.
Ability to see Beauty
“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old- Franz Kafka” This quaote is perfet tips for you to live young forever. But the beauty does not limit to just woman or man’s beauty this beauty ability is to see beauty in any creture on planet including Human beauty. Able to See beauty in fish or in bird makes you young and creative. If you are woman and able to see charm in every man and if you are a man and able to beauty in every woman then you will never grow old.
Think Positive
Thinking positive is very much important to decelerate your aging process as this will reduce the stress and will provide you a new vision to see everything in positive way. Optimistic view towards life and everything that you do in daily life makes you happy and reduce fear hence stop your worries that can make you old in early age.
Enjoy Nature
Enjoying nature is another goodness which slows down the aging process as it keeps mind very calm, happy, stable and free of stress. Enjoying nature is not only enjoying the nature’s greenery and amazing things to see at special places however it is the real act of enjoyment which can be enjoyed anytime and everywhere by seeing all the things made by nature as everything has their own unique and special quality.
Eat Less
There is a common saying that “people who eat more die early however people eating less live longer”. I too say that this is very true saying about the act of living life happily. Eating less keeps our digestive systems and organs healthy and within good working conditions which force them to function well for some more years. Smooth functioning of the digestive system keeps our body and mind balanced and stress free which protects body from various chronic diseases thus add some extra years to our life by delaying aging.
Socially Active
Being socially active shows our strong body energy and calmness of the mind as it is the good act to busy a person means a mile away from the stress and anxiety which boosts the immunity and maintains younger look. Being socially active means not only helping others forcefully but it is heartily and innocently following all the roles and responsibilities during whole life.
Don’t expect respect from others
I am telling this because it is not necesarry that you are good and doing good things for others or someone and you will get the good or respect in exachange. This is not true at all that you will only receive respect if you give respect and help somebody or live according to them. Haters always make plans to hurt yourself at every level becasue they can not bear your happiness or success. So be good from heart do whatever you like, don’t heart anybody and live your live without expecting too much from others.
Stay Active
Staying active is being active all time not only through the body but also from the mind as mind is the one which controls whole body to look younger longer. And mind can only be active if it is stress free, satisfied and self motivated.
Be Your Self
Being true to your self gives you real joy of living life, that will make you honest and satisfied towards life. It makes every impossible thing possible slowly (with great experiences) but sure which enhances the joy to live life and stays younger for long.
Enough Sleep and Rest
Enough sleep, stress free sleep (also called sound sleep) and proper rest is the first and foremost necessity of the body and mind naturally, which stimulate both of them to work well and stay healthy and younger. Enough sleep provides proper rest to each and every body cell as well as enhances longevity.
Mild Exercise
Mild exercises play great role in keeping body younger forever. Regular exercise on daily basis releases toxins from the body as well as helps body systems to stay healthy and function well till death.
Don’t Stress
Stress is a big factor now a day affecting lives of many people and lead them to live shorter and problematic life. So, eliminating stress totally from the daily routine is very good thing (however tough) to make life better and body younger forever. Keeping mind happy, stress free and balanced even in drastic situations promotes proper hormonal balance and blood circulation all over the body which maintains younger look.

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