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Terry’s nail causes, symptoms diagnosis and treatment

Terry’s nail is one of the typical variety of nail disorder where the nails become opaque and gets a dark band at the tip. Normally not all people may be affected due to terry’s nail; rather people getting age are in a condition of suffering from Terry’s nail. Even due to Terry’s nail, there can be problem like diabetes, malnutrition, congestive heart failure as well as liver disease. This problem is also visibly viewed in individuals who suffer from the problem of liver disorder. Sometimes, even due to lack of proper nourishment, people suffer from the trouble of terry’s nail.
Nails are very important for people along with your physical health. Ladies generally have fascination towards nails. They want to grow their nails long and attractive. This attracts their fellow mates and loved ones. The term nails can sound very minor and unimportant. But, if you don’t care your nails, this can give rise to many abnormalities. Nails are made up of a fibrous protein that presents a semi transparent and pink structure. It has white transparent border at the top. It is having a hard structure at together. But, due to lack of minerals and vitamins it can become soft and even break. Individuals face various types of abnormalities with nails. One of such abnormality is known as Terry’s nail. This is a condition in nail where the finger nails and toe nails of people become white. It appears as the ground glass. It is basically the result of vascularity. Another reason for getting these types of nails can be due to increase in connective tissues inside the nail bed. Individuals having problems like hepatic failure, malnutrition, congestive heart failure diabetes, and hyperthyroidism can get this disease.

Terry’s nail on toe nail

In many cases Terry’s nail is typically observed over the Toe nail. These nails are opaque in appearance which stretches from cuticles more or less. Some people can also think that this is a common symptom of cirrhosis. Yes this is most likely the sign of cirrhosis. The best thing to be done at the preliminary stage will be diagnose and test the present state of liver. You need to let the physician know about the liver condition at first after which he will diagnose after various tests as well as examinations. In most of the cases, patient with such nail gets affected with the liver disease. But, there are also cases where individual having Terry’s nail are not affected with liver problems. Some people are also having the bad habit of consuming alcohol on a regular basis.  People with such physical feature are most affected with the alcoholic abuse.

Causes of Terry’s nail

  • Renal failure
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Diabetes
  • Malnutrition
  • Thyroid problem
The condition of nail that is categorized by a dark band on the tip of each finger tip is popularly known as Terry’s nail. People can get this problem due to the symptoms of aging.


You may not be able to deduce whether you are affected with the problem of Terry’s nail or some other disorders unless and until you have idea about its symptoms. It is important to know about the right symptoms of Terry’s nail so that you can speak about it to your physician for its treatment. Some of the symptoms are:
  • It gives an appearance of a person with old age
  • Wrinkles in flesh surrounding the nails
  • Increase in abnormal shine in nails
  • Increase in shine in squeezed skin layers
  • Your nail looks abnormal in appearance
  • The flesh around your nails are shrieked
  • Repeated boost in shine over the skin layer that has formed wrinkles
  • The condition will make you look like an aged person even if you are so old
  • Observing wrinkles over the nail that is fresh in appearance
  • Discoloration of nails
The imaging tools in medicine for treating this type of disorders have been established with a great research. But, medical examination is very important for an individual suffering from this type of disorder. If you want to get natural remedies from this nail disorder, this can also be done.

Treatment for terry’s nail

Some precautionary measures are keeping nails dry and clean. It is important to pat dry finger and toe nails after the shower or bath. Some people have a tendency of biting nails several times in a day. This must be avoided for the precautionary measures. If you are unable to quit this habit, you can speak to the physician. You can keep cuticles and moisturize it daily in a perfect way. Vitamin E is very essential for nail health. If you can apply this every day, the problem of Terry’s nail can be avoided. Even after following the above treatment procedure if you face the same problem, you can easily speak to the physician and seek treatment. You can also refer to the specialist dealing with such situation. If you have health problems in toe nails, podiatrist will be the best person for treatment. You can now take help of the internet to find the best doctor dealing with critical condition of nails. Take precaution so that you don’t have to go through surgery.
One of the reasons behind Terry’s nail is lack of nutrition. The way you are supplying proper nutrition to your body so that it develops its body mass and strength to go ahead with perfect operation, your nail should also get proper nutrition to stay in the proper shape.  Sometime some bad habits of people can also give rise to Terry’s nail. This includes biting of nails and keeping nails dirty without wash. But, If you can include enough nutrition to your nails, getting away from Terry’s nail will be quite easy.
The main ingredient used in creating nail is the dead protein. This nail is made up of same material with which the nature has made claws, horns as well as hooves. But, the layout of human nails are little different as it is a translucent material that is formed just above the tissue. With the view on nail, one can find out the physical condition of a human being.  Even the mental state of individual is affected after viewing the nail presented in human fingers.
It is very important for individual to have quick diagnosis as soon as they find out some abnormality in the appearance of nail. Even with one view, the physician can easily find out what is exactly wrong with your nail.


Almond is a nut that contains Vitamin E in good quantity. You can either consume fresh Almond with raisin while you get up early in the morning or make a paste out of Almond and apply over your finger nails to stay away from Terry’s nail


Spinach is one among the green leafy vegetables that has variety of health benefits. It also has Vitamin E in a good quantity that washes away free radicals from your body completely and will restrict development of diseases.

Mustard greens

This can be consumed with your meals also it can be included in your tasty curries. Researchers have found its positive elements in treating the conditions like terry’s nail.

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