Thursday, 4 December 2014

Many properties in grapes


The fruit is a fragrant grape vine. Five species of grapes  -  are three green and two black. 

Consume grapes ,  acid ,  sugar ,  gum ,  Gl Ukoj ,  astringent matter ,  citric ,  Haitrik Rasemic the original acid ,  sodium and potassium and magnesium chloride is etc. 

It is typical of the grape that patient ,  healing ,  children ,  old ,  young ,  pregnant or lactating mothers weak or can all wrestler. Grapes are good for diabetes and cancer patients. 

The substance is found in grapes Herostilven antioxidant. Reduces the amount of sugar in the blood of grapes Therefore grapes is useful for diabetics. 

In black grapes, green grapes Orostilven than the content of the food circulation changes. Anemia occurs when the benefit immediately from eating grapes. Grape glucose ,  sugar ,  iron ,  blood loss is far. ½ cup grapefruit juice is continual shortage of drinking blood.

In cold day  , 50  grams Halangur grape eating food gets cold blood pressure is normal. In the first three days of cancer, drink some grape juice used to slowly add water to the Glas. 

Typhoid fever is beneficial to eat raisins. It is clear the stomach and does not collect feces. Feeding grapes prop smallpox patient.

Half of the patients with head pain starts before sunrise. With the sun rises. In this case, half a cup of grape juice drink before sunrise is headache. Pain in the heart of the grape juice ½ cup prop. 

Grapes salt ,  black pepper is beneficial to eat with constipation. Fresh grape leaves in kidney pain about  50 grams of water mixed with a little salt in the grinding feed Drain patient benefit in pain.

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