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Facts related to masturbation

Facts related to masturbation
Masturbation is a normal action. This one's private parts is a means of self sexual stimulation. It took no need to raise more doubts or remorse. This, however, is not discussed in the open, and perhaps that is why it has several popular myth and false Dharnayen. These Dharnayen generations come back and gradually become very deep roots in society.

Also common in women
Masturbation is usually associated with men. However, it is not that women do not masturbate.Masturbation at work through a plethora of women themselves are Riliv.

Benefits of Masturbation
There are many misconceptions about women in society. It is considered the worst. Many quacks consider it very dangerous for male potency. Those things are not the whole truth, and many of them are completely baseless.

Do you know all the benefits of masturbation can-
Ejaculation Relief
You can get great relief through ejaculation. After orgasm masturbation relieves excess. Before they begin to feel mentally lighter.
Enjoyable climax
Masturbation for fun and pleasure in a healthy and safe way to achieve climax is considered. This person has no partner learns climax.
Rhythm Sleep
Masturbation is considered good for sleep. It helps to overcome sleep complaint is coming. It has been found that there is not sleep at night, then goes to sleep with masturbation.
Stress at pointing away
Masturbation is said to meet the same benefits as the sex. The way sex helps relieve stress, likewise through masturbation helps you to relieve stress.

Loss of masturbation
It can only benefit from masturbation. Excess of anything can hurt you. Masturbation is no exception.Masturbation has become your addiction, it can damage many.
Women are less sperm
Regular masturbation in men's considered to be low sperm count. Also have an impact on their ability to become a father.
Decrease in satisfaction
To masturbate regularly takes longer to satisfy you. It also increases the time of your ejaculate.

The risk of inflammation
When women put more emphasis can be quite a hassle. It may complain of swelling in the penis. It can be quite painful.
Myths associated with masturbation
There are many in the community Myths about masturbation. These are far from the truth Myth, Myth is neither a scientist nor an evidence base. But people still believe in these.
Children at the hands of masturbation!
It is completely baseless. Many people do this kind of thing that can be hair on the hands of masturbation. Neither this nor any scientific basis and so far no case has unfolded. Ie there is no truth in this.
Reduction in stimulus
This is about the lack of evidence so far that regular masturbation reduces the male stimulation. The loss of so many ads talk of masturbation, but no scientific evidence has come of it yet.
How accurate
All times are often questioned about masturbation is right. This, however, is not a fixed number.Depends from person to person. However, three to seven times a week masturbation is considered average.

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