Monday, 14 March 2016

Pimples-Home remidies

Pimples-Home remidies

Dont worry more about the pimples and the bad dark marks what the leave behind.Here are few tips for you guys:-

A) Causes- Harmonal,age related,diet related,daily regime related,food habbits related,sleep related,environmental,pollution
related,skine on.

-First of all i would like to consider the nature of your skin .This is very important because depending upon this the nature of treatment varies.If the skin is oily in nature and sensitive then avoid washing your skin with soaps as far as possible.Do remember frequent rinsing of your face with luke warm or cold water helps your skin to breath and also clears your pores .So first i'll ask you to wash your face with simpleBasan powderOr a mild veriety of soap with gliserin .You can also prepare and stock up this powder:
Miture of 4 tsp of besan powder, 1/2 tsp of turmericpowder,1tsp of dried and powdered neemleaves , little of multhani mitte 2tspof powdered methi seeds and 2 tsp greengram powder .All these should be mixed well and put into a airtight container for proper storage.Use this mixture for washing your face twice daily.Once before bedtime and once in the morning.This will help to clear the dead cells and keep the surface dry and allows the skin to breath in the night. We can mix it with milk if the skin is very sensitive or else simple water will also do to make a paste for easy cleansing.This acts as avery good face pack to impove the glow in your skin and also reduces the scars and marks of old pimples.Only external treatment wont help in such cases .You need to take some medicine internally for a better result and to avoid the reccurance
-I also recommend you to eat drygrapes soaked overnight in water or even milk.This impoves your heamoglobin count,also brings a glow to your skin.It also helps for teh constipation also.

-Intake of neem juice of about 1tsp daily is also a good medicine.This should be done empty stomach and only after 30 min any kind of food or water can be taken.

-I suggest you to go for some internal medication along with this if you have achne problem for more than 6 months.

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