Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Sun Burn Remedy

Sun Burn Remedy

I am getting emails that they want a home remedy or herbal remedy for sun burn. Yes it is a common thing to get a sun burn while bathing in the sea. Last time when I visited a water theme park with my family members I also had victimized by sun burn. Two others also got sun burn. Any how when we returned home the next day I turned to the various herbal remedies. There are lots of sun burn remedy. But I cannot suggest all of that because of geographical differences it may not be suitable for all regions. Here I am suggesting a more general tip that can be used in all regions.

Aloe Cucumber Mask for sun burn It is very good sun burn remedy. It is to be used immediately within that day you got the sun burn. Then it will be more effective. Take a small fresh cucumber. Cut into small pieces and put in a mixer-grinder and mash well to get a paste. Move the paste into a small bowl. Add some fresh aloe vera gel. Mix well. If possible keep it inside the refrigerator for 15 min. Then wash the affected area and apply this mask/pack. Allow it to be there for half an hour minimum. Use this sun burn remedy twice a day for few days or till you get result..

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