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Lovable tiny finger tattoos

If you are thinking about getting yourself inked, and you want something subtle yet catchy, finger tattoos could rightly meet your demand! Fingers are a noticeable place to ink meaningful tattoo. It is a place which neither has to be very obvious, and nor does it have to be covered up. There are some amazing finger tattoo designs which you could take some tipsfrom:
Lovable tiny finger tattoos
The space to get a finger tattoo done is really small, reason why getting symbols are a common option for finger tattoos. The picture above gives you some examples of symbols or elements that you could consider for getting a tattoo done. For instance, cat lovers can ink the face of a cat or simply design the whiskers stylishly, a heart with a arrow run through can surely prove how much you are in love or having a bow tattoo is a ‘just girly thingy’, etc.
Lovable tiny finger tattoos1
People who love body art would surely love to have the Indian feather among one of the options to tattoo. They are truly beautiful and come with different meaning. If you are looking for Indian feathers, you can take some hints from the picture above. It portrays the ethnic culture and heritage modernly!
Lovable tiny finger tattoos2
Love –everyone has their own way to define the feeling. Some feels it a way too much while the rest have their curtailed and practical versions. However, the feeling is quite important for us and we like to love and be loved. It is one of the best names to ink on your finger, as it’ll constantly keep you reminded of its importance. A relationship which full of love, is the one of the most treasured gifts we can posses.
Lovable tiny finger tattoos3
A lot of people believe in astrology and they tend to rely on predictions as well. On the other hand, there are numerous people who follow their zodiac updates and get amused by the similar traits they read on them. Getting a zodiac tattoo according to your horoscope could be a nice option if you really believe and rely on it. You could also match them with your partner or make two symbols – one of yours and one of his. The above picture gives you the list of names and the symbols accordingly. Choose your pick and get inked!
Lovable tiny finger tattoos4
The semicolon tattoo has gained demand lately. It comes in with a powerful message, which is why people are loving the fact of getting themselves inked with it. Semicolons are usually midway from a comma to a full-stop. It is that break which is more stressed on than a comma, but it is not the end or full-stop. This is to remind the inkers that when life puts them through stressful situations, it doesn’t mean that it is the end. It is that period on ‘semicolon’ when we have paused a little more than usual, but we are taking a break to continue the sentence further and not end it!
Lovable tiny finger tattoos5
Can you think of something as intricate and lovely as this? Religious tattoos aren’t uncommon, but getting them so neatly and shortly done, surely is! The tattoo of Lord Ganesha beautifully depicts how minutely a professional artist can do his job. Just make sure you get to a good tattoo parlor for having some done as amazing as this!
Lovable tiny finger tattoos7
Tattoos which are done as an ode to the family aren’t uncommon as well. The picture above captures two fingers of two sisters, who have inked themselves for each other. Sisters are our first best friends and the bond cannot be described in short! You can get similar tattoos done, and that can be for anyone! Choose a proper tattoo design and give an ode to your parents, sibling, spouse, son, etc.
Lovable tiny finger tattoos6

Heart signs are commonly used for inking, but the variation is your decision. The picture above shows the sign of infinity which is ended with love. The tattoo portrays that love goes beyond infinity and that surely is a powerful message. If you want to have an infinity tattoo for the person you love, or simply because you are in love with the emotion, you could surely get yourself inked with a similar design as this.
Lovable tiny finger tattoos8
Couples tattoos are just a little better than having a tattoo for your loved one! First of all, as it is two-sides and then because it surely states and shows the intensity and closeness between a couple. This, in turn what enhances the aspect and increases the ‘auw-ness’. Couple tattoos have various designs which clearly depicts a male and female, and an element which connects them together. For instance, the picture above depicts king and queen from their prints on cards, which could be replaced with the game of chess, as you decide to tattoo the shapes of king and queen from the chessboard shapes!
Lovable tiny finger tattoos9
A lot of women love henna tattoos for their hands. Henna tattoos are temporary and last for around 10-15 days. This tattoo above is an example of a henna tattoo design which could be redesigned like a permanent tattoo. This is a unique idea which would let you have your favorite henna tattoo print, be inked forever!
Lovable tiny finger tattoos10
Crown tattoos are popular as they give the owner a feeling of authority. Crown tattoos are loved by both men and women, and honestly, we should all carry the powers we are blessed with! It gives us the sense of being our own king or queen, and keeps us motivated to not be discouraged or demeaned by any way. A small crown tattoo could be a really nice accessory for your finger.
Now that you have got the basic ideas on getting a finger tattoo done, you would surely have a better thought on how you want to go about it. If this is your first attempt towards inking, make sure you follow all the necessary before and aftercare policies to nail it!

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