Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Health benefits of Duku or Langsat Fruits for Women Pregnant and Prevent Cancer

What are the Health benefits of Duku or Langsat Fruits (Lansium parasiticum) for Women Pregnant (during pregnancy) and Prevent Cancer And many more.

Lansium parasiticum (syn. Lansium domesticum), also known as langsat or lanzones, is a species of tree in the Mahogany family. The plant, which originates from western Southeast Asia, bears edible fruit. It is the provincial flower for the Indonesian province of South Sumatra.

Chemical constituents contained in duku

Every 100 grams of calories 7o duku cal1.0 grams protein0.2 grams fat13 grams carbohydrates0.7grams of mineralscalcium 18 mgphosphorus 9 mg and 0.9 mg of ironFor caloriesminerals and iron dukulevel higher than apples or sweet orange.

What are the benefits of duku or Langsat fruit :

Containing dietary fiber or fiber is beneficial for improving the digestive systempreventing colon cancer andrid the body of cancer-causing free radicalsIn addition to healthy fresh fruit fleshthe skin of the fruit andseeds are also useful for anti-diarrhea medicine raw materials and reduce feverThe bark can also be usedto treat poisonous insect bites and cure dysenterySome people also believeparasites duku tree can treatand eradicate cancer cells.

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