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Retinopathy is harmful to eyes Daybitik

How is Daybitik retinopathy

Diabetes is a disease always remain. Kidneys from diabetes, blood pressure and impacts on other parts of the body, many people are aware, but the disease impacts on the eyes are very few people know. Does not control the sugar levels in diabetes patients, it may be a victim of diabetic retinopathy. The problem is diagnosed when the disease takes seriously.

What is retinopathy Daybitik
High blood sugar Daybitik retinopathy occurs when small blood vessels in the rear of the eye that damages the retina. Diabetes is a risk of all people with this problem. Daybitik retinopathy is a disease in which the retina of the eye to ignore the impacts may be to the patient's eyesight. This effect can be on one or both eyes.

Daybitik retinopathy effect
Small blood vessels of the retina from the adverse effects of retinopathy Daybitik are weak and there is a change in their native format. Blood vessels may be swollen, bleeding from a blood vessel or the blood vessels are developing a number of branches of the brush. In the case of oxygen and nutrients to the retina healthy supply is hindered. They also grow new blood vessels to leak and may obstruct your vision.

Daybitik type of retinopathy
There are two types Daybitik Retinopathy, Diabetic Retinopathy and Makyulopathy background. Retinopathy Daybitik background is usually found in people who have diabetes too long. At this stage, the blood vessels of the retina are affected very loosely. They can get a little flower is the blood of them. The second is Makyulopathy all those long background diabetic retinopathy are the problem. It affects the ability to look at.

When retinopathy is Daybitik
Diabetic retinopathy in pregnancy increases the problem. High Bldpreshr makes this serious disease conditions. Childhood or adolescence children and adolescents with diabetes in the young may be merged. In all cases it has more.

Symptoms of diabetic retinopathy
Initially, symptoms usually do not appear Daibitik retinopathy, but as the disease is increasing, so there is blurring of vision. But its symptoms include floating spots, appearing blurred vision, blocking, etc. obscure vision.

Daybitik treat retinopathy
Daybitik the proper treatment of retinopathy has not suddenly lost sight of it. Two methods are used to treat diabetic retinopathy, laser or by Vitrektami. Laser Treatment a "laser Fotokoaguleshn 'is, which is used in most cases. The vision of patients with diabetes or at risk of having their vision is impaired, they have used this method of treatment.

Laser Treatment
The main objective of laser treatment to protect it by maintaining the current level of vision, the vision is to improve. Leakage of blood vessels in the retina of the swell. To stop the leakage of this method is used. In the eyes begin to grow new Rktwahikaan, pan retinal Fotokoaguleshn technique that is used in the event. In general benefits of laser technology as well as three to four months of work takes time.

Vitrektami Treatment
Sometimes new blood vessels in the central part of the eye seems to be bleeding like jelly. This situation 'Vitryos hemorrhage says, which causes a sudden loss of vision. If 'Vitryos hemorrhage' remains, the process is Vitrektami. The micro-surgical procedure. Through the middle of the eye is removed from the blood and scar tissue.

When threat grows
As diabetes is increasing the duration of the disease is expected to increase. And often it is seen that almost 80 per cent in the last 15 years who are suffering from diabetes, the blood vessels of the retina is some problem coming.

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