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Using pure honey honey in identifying diseases



•  A few drops of honey in water. If it persists, then honey drops water drops water gets real honey and honey is adulterated. Turn the lights burning cotton wool dipped in honey are making light of the honey net.

•  Insert a live honey bee holding. Then press the honey bee. On real honey in the honey bee and the fly will come out on its own. A fly on the wing area is honey sticks.

•  Put on clothes and then Punce real honey honey is not on clothes.

•  Do not mark down on paper by putting honey.

•  The dog does not pure honey.

•  fragrance is pure honey. It accumulates in winter and in summer melt.

Honey consumption method:

Honey Juice ,  mixed with lime, etc. can eat anything. With hot drinks in the winter with a cool drink in the summer and the rainy season should be consumed as natural.


Honey Agni (fire) but more warm things warm honey should not be given nor the properties of honey are eliminated. It was only luke warm milk or water should be consumed. Oil ghee ,  with lubricant Smmatra (equal) to join the honey becomes poison.

If a loss of honey lemon drink. In such a situation to use lime to remove diseases benefits.

Using honey in diseases:
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Some children sleep at night in bed urine (pee) turn. It is a disease. Plenty of honey before bed at night to provide urine in children's hypnotic (pee) to get the disease goes away.

Abdominal pain:

•  cold water mixed with a teaspoon pure honey drink prop abdominal pain.
•  A pinch of honey mixed with a little lick Saunth benefit from. Take two pieces of basil leaves. Then drink the sauce with half a teaspoon of honey.
•  night at bedtime drink a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of honey. It is used to clean the stomach in the morning.


•  A glass of water and half a teaspoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey should take. This disease is destroyed by indigestion.
•  Two black pepper powder mixed with honey to lick.
•  Make parsley powder grinding both little and Saunth. Chaten the powder with honey.
•  honey should be taken with a little warm water.


•  honey, fennel ,  coriander and cumin powder and mix by the day Chaten times. The stools are covered.
•  pomegranate seed powder with honey to lick stop diarrhea.

Stomach worms:

With a teaspoon of honey, a pinch of parsley powder should take. Take it three times a day meal worms die.

Loss of appetite:

•  Saunth ,  Pepper ,  People ,  Sendhanmk these things together make up powder. In this powder with half a teaspoon of honey with pinch morning afternoon and evening use it.
•  A two-grinding pepper and honey with two cloves should lick.

Acid  bile:

Coriander and cumin and honey to create the powder slowly to lick. It would destroy pyrosis.


Fennel ,  coriander and parsley grind with three equal amounts. ½ teaspoon of the powder in the powder with honey in the morning ,  afternoon and evening, need to take it. This is to relieve constipation.


Night at bedtime or caster oil, a teaspoon of triphala powder should be taken with a glass of milk. This is to relieve constipation.


•  triphala powder drink with honey. Jaundice is a disease that is destroyed.
•  Giloy juice  12  grams of honey twice a day with it.
•  ½ teaspoon of honey with the juice of neem leaves should be consumed in the morning and evening.

Head Pain:

•  Head of pure honey to coat. Of head pain will be over in no time.
•  ½ teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon ghee should put on the scalp. After drying oil and honey to coat again.
•  If you have a headache caused by gall put honey on both Knption. With a little honey to lick.
•  cold ,  heat or have a headache because of digestive malfunction in the lemon juice mixed with honey should paste on the forehead.
•  honey and lime on pieces of paper together to put on the forehead to the pain in the head is the pain goes away.
•  Take with food honey head pain goes away.

Night blindness  :

•  honey or finger with the needle in the eye, like mascara should be applied in the morning and at bedtime.
•  mascara night blindness disease than staying put honey in equal ends.
•  Like honey applying mascara in eye disease is far from night blindness.Vision is increased.

Eye irritation:

•  With honey Nibunli (neem) fruit pulp should look like large eyes mascara.
•  pure honey or finger with the needle put in the eye like mascara.

Eye Disease:

•  Guruc juice and half a teaspoon of honey Mix gram. Then the eyes of the law apply to every Pathfinder. Eye itching ,  pain ,  glaucoma and other useful tree for all diseases (soot) is.
•  Four grams of Giloy juice, make it two grams of honey lotion. Apply it in the eye. In all diseases of the eye will be the beneficiaries.
•  Chhapa eyes every morning with fresh water (water splatter) should wash dead. Then two drops four drops of neem juice and honey should be applied to the eye.
•  Bitter oil made ​​from soot mixed with pure honey should eyes.

Cold Sores:

•  pan on bark with honey should Suhage blown up. The mouth sores heal.
•  Make small cardamom grinding fines. Then put on the bark mixed with honey.
•  Take alum dissolved in water and mixed with a teaspoon of honey rinse.Rinse it in the morning before you eat ,  afternoon and evening should.
•  If there is more heat in the stomach should take triphala powder with honey. Only by taking amla powder with honey stomach summer is cool and mouth sores seem to be fine.

Voice of the cave:

•  fluffy grinding alum mixed with honey drink. The rinse water can be mixed.
•  Mulhti powder with honey to lick.
•  galingale mouth opens with a sucking sound.
• 3  to  9  grams bahera powder morning and evening to drink with honey Swrbng (hoarseness), and other diseases of the throat are fine.
• 1  cup warm water  1  tablespoon honey voice opens to gargle.

With spit sputum:

•  Wash with warm water and honey massage on the chest. It stops with spit mucus secretion.
•  Oregano oil at night before bed rub on the chest.
•  powder, turmeric ,  thyme and honey mixed with a pinch Saunth eat together.

Piria  :

•  pure honey massage the gums and teeth should rinse with warm water.
•  lemon juice ,  neem oil and honey sure to rinse and massage gums.
•  garlic ,  bitter gourd ,  ginger juice mixed with honey out on the day should gums. Three or four days of continuous massaging gums Piria and other diseases are over.

Cough disease:

•  Make red cardamom powder and fry it over ,  the honey drink.
•  raisins ,  dates ,  pepper ,  long pepper-all in the same measure bahera and take the code and use it in two pinch powder mixed with honey.  grams Sitopladi powder mixed with honey cough away from eating three times a day Chatkr ends.
• 5  grams of honey garlic juice  2-3  Ctane cough drops off the baby is large.
•  A squeeze of lemon in the water boil, then take out the glass. The  28 ml of glycerin and  84  ml shake honey. Drink one teaspoon of four stops cough.
•  honey cough is comforting.  12  grams of honey three times a day and cough out phlegm from Castle is right.
•  take a little butter to the pan and fry. The  first  day with honey butter pinch  3  times lick cough are covered.


The first patient should remove constipation. The caster oil can be fed. It must start the healing begin. A drop of honey for medical clove oil and ten drops of ginger juice mixed morning ,  afternoon and evening should be.


•  ax in honey juice  4  drops of whole day  3-4  times should be. Asthma is a disease that is destroyed.
•  somlataa ,  code ,  bahera ,  Muleti ,  malabar nut tree leaves ,  bark of Arjuna and all Kakdhasingi grind with an equal amount. Take a teaspoon of this powder with honey. Thirst seemingly warm water  and drink it .

Pain in the ribs:

Chamois horn in water mixed with honey Giskr should coat the ribs.


A teaspoon of honey in a cup of milk to drink in the morning increasing strength.

Common cold:

•  honey and ginger juice mixed with one teaspoon twice a day morning and evening over a cold drink and increases appetite.
• 2  teaspoons honey , 200  ml lukewarm milk and half a teaspoon in the morning and evening together drinking soda sweetened cold ,  the flu is cured. This drink is very sweat sweating patient should take no longer air.
• 20  grams of honey ,  half a gram and half gram turmeric Sendhanmk  80ml ​​of water to boil and keep it in. After some time, the water should be slightly warmer than the water at bedtime drink cold goes away.

Scorpion sting:

Putting honey on dead scorpion stings is pain.

Burning  :

•  Regular morning  , 20  grams of honey mixed with cold water intake irritation itching and skin diseases like eruptions from Jdmul ends.
•  putting honey on the parts of the body burns off is irritation. Putting honey on the wound until the wounds healed by then become not. Right after injury become white markings. On the trail of honey with a bandage being erased.


One hour before sexual intercourse with men in the navel of cotton dipped in honey to Foha early ejaculation is not that the male does not impair male penis.

Mucus and coughing?

• 5  grams four times a day licking honey off cough mucus is out.
•  one teaspoon of honey and the juice of malabar nut tree leaves and half a teaspoon of ginger juice mixed drink expires cough.


•  molasses mixed with honey to drink stops vomiting.
•  vomiting stops vomiting and lick the honey.
•  lick honey mixed with powdered cloves to get rid of vomiting in pregnancy.


Goat's milk is the eighth part honey to clean drinking blood. It is necessary to sacrifice while salt and pepper.

Tuberculosis or TB :

•  consumption of fresh honey with butter is beneficial for tuberculosis.
•  In the bitter gourd powder, add honey to lick.


Two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with two to three times a day morning and evening to take advantage of high Bldpreshr.

Ear pain:

•  pus in the ear of the ear and ear pain by putting honey is destroyed.
•  ear centipede-like animals have entered the honey and oil mixed with a few drops in the ear, putting profit.

Come eye:

• 1  g of honey mixed with crushed salt Lgaaen eyes morning and evening.Pyrites in the eyes in the morning and evening together in grinding and put honey.
•  Moon suppository (light) by grinding away with honey eyes are applying eye disease.

Malaria fever:

Pure honey  20  grams ,  Sandhanmk half gram ,  turmeric grinding half gram  80 gram quantities of hot water at night to drink it in the cold is cured of malaria fever.

Lung disease:

Honey is beneficial in diseases of the lungs. In respiratory and lung diseases use more honey.

Dental pain:

•   1  teaspoon honey ,  garlic juice  20  daily morning and evening together Chaten drop. The Piria ,  gum inflammation ,  pain ,  mouth ends deodorant etc.
•  swelling and bleeding of the gums begin to move the teeth. Rinse with honey or mustard oil is destroyed by the disease of the gums.


•  People of honey  1  pinch of powder mixed lick prop.
• 2  teaspoons honey , 200  ml warm milk ,  ½ teaspoon sweet soda mixed with morning and evening feeding influenza sweat goes right back.


Rubbing honey on children's teeth, gums when teeth erupt ease pain is sensed.


Pneumonia in the patient's disease affects the body's digestion of pure honey massage on the chest and ribs in warm water, add a little honey and feeding the patient benefit in this disease.
Inflammation and swelling of the tongue:
Tongue in mouth disease Shoving dissolving honey tongue disease is beneficial.


•  Mingni honey mixed with rat pregnancy may not have put it in the vagina.
•  honey  250  grams of elephant dung (droppings) juice  250  ml volume with honey season (period) after the pregnancy is not to abuse women.

Vomiting of blood:

Drinking water of millions of honey stops vomiting blood.

Cold Sores:

Neelathotha almost  one  fourth part of the roast grinding grams  10  grams of honey Milalen. Apply this mixture on the bark of cotton and saliva to exit. The dirt out of the mouth of saliva to the mouth ulcers that heal.

Pregnancy diet:

In the blood of women's bodies in pregnancy decreases. Increase blood during pregnancy should take more of everything. Women with two teaspoons of honey daily intake is not the lack of blood. It increases physical strength and the baby fat and fresh. Pregnant woman from the beginning of pregnancy or milk and honey in the final three months of feeding the baby is healthy and grease.

Hiccup's disease:

•  honey finger Dubokr day  3  times to get the rest of Castle hiccup.
•  honey and lemon juice mixed with black salt intake to get comfortable with the hiccups.
•  onion juice with honey lick stops hiccups.


•  Approximately  3  grams honey , 6  ml of ginger juice , 3  ml sesame oil and approximately  1  gram Sendhanmk fourth part of the ear drops putting together a little cotton wool to put her up at the hearing ear ,  ear The pain,  ear hearing strange voices, etc. C disease go away.
• 5  ml sunflower flower juice , 5  grams of honey , 5  ml sesame oil and  grams of salt, including putting in the ear by ear earache drip goes well.


Smudrafen in honey to put in ear deafness Giskr disease is cured.

Impotence  :

Drinking milk mixed with honey and metal (semen) is shortage. And the body is strong.

Ear discharge:

Neem equal amounts of honey and glue ear together  2-2 drip stops leaking pus from the ear in.

Diseases of the ear:

•  honey  3-4  drops to put in ear earache is completely cured.
•  ear thoroughly cleaned and Rsut him ,  honey and milk and woman together  2-3  drops daily  to 3  times the flow of pus from ear to ear by inserting stops.

Some fall into the ear:

Take a light cotton wool soaked in honey made from ear Loosen slowly.Doing so would be in the ears of all the small insects that will come out Cipakkr with light.


•  myrobalan in chronic wounds by grinding in water mixed with honey to coat the wound heals quickly.
•  Honey is putting wounds heal quickly.

Crow fall:

4  to  6  grams of honey powder clock  1  to  3  grams whole day  2  times to take advantage of the disease.

-Paralysis-Falis facial paralysis ,  Pralisis:

•  Approximately  20  to  25  days, daily approximately  150  grams of pure honey mixed with water to give the patient is cured paralysis of the body.
•  Approximately  28  ml of water on the boil and cool the water feeding the two teaspoons of honey and the victim becomes the amount of calcium in the body is seemingly suffering from paralysis, which is helpful in recovering part.

Mucus blood (dysentery):

Honey mixed with a pinch of opium and lick it off Giskr dysentery disease patient goes away.


Create Sendhanmk including honey and light. Bhagandar canker disease in light of keeping quiet.


Including honey and lime in place of strain from gentle massage is relaxing.

Delay in delivery:

Batayen woman in warm tub of warm water and a cloth soaked in honey stored in the vagina. The effect of cold and delivery goes away.


•  honey filling the mouth with a long rinse. It is fast, quiet thirst.
•  drinking water mixed with honey or sugar dissolves heartburn and thirst.
• 20  grams of honey in the mouth  10  minutes, then rinse to keep. This is too cool faster thirst.


• 20  grams of honey  , 40  ml water and keep pouring boiling ,  then feed the water into the ascites disease benefit.
•  honey and buttermilk powder mixed with People will benefit from drinking.


Eating pigeon droppings mixed with honey menarche (menstruation) and infertility goes away.


•  Saffron  6  ,  honey  25  grams of urticaria patients benefit from the morning and evening feeding.
•  mixing a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of triphala benefits from the morning and evening meals.

Obesity (obesity) to remove:

120  grams from  240  grams of honey  , 100  to  200  ml of warm water mixed day,  3  times the dose consumed as.

Adenoma (tumor):

Lime and honey well together putting on anthrax disease prop.

Obesity  enlarge:

The daily intake of honey in milk are associated with obesity.


•  With honey approximately  1-2  grams daily Poppy grinding it dissolved in honey before bed to give the patient a good sleep. The patient goes to sleep comfortably.
•  With honey approximately  3-9  grams of powder bahera patient would benefit from taking the morning and evening.

Insomnia (sleeplessness):

•  one teaspoon of lemon juice and two teaspoons of honey before going to bed together drinking goes to sleep. Open the two spoon sleep again goes to sleep and the only drink a glass of water, add two teaspoons of honey goes to sleep.
•  honey or sugar syrup by dissolving it in a grinding Postadana intake sleep well.


•  Two tablespoons of honey  250  ml of water twice a day, morning and evening to drink it in the benefit.
•  consumption of small amounts of stomach worms are eliminated.

Migraine (migraine):

•  In this disease, the sun rises and sets, along with the increase of pain would be less of a headache ,  pain in the head on the other side of her nose nostril pain in the head by putting a drop of honey rest get.
•  daily meals to take two tablespoons of honey with half a headache and vomiting etc are closed to him.

Nose Disease:

Baked fruit with honey or molasses sycamore stops eating epistaxis.

Convulsions Kanpkanpana:

•  With honey approximately  1  gram of the fourth part about  1  gram of Suhage nail (slag) from the Ctane convulsions and epilepsy is very relaxing.
•  With honey approximately  1  gram of powder nard fourth part of the morning and evening trips to the patient to recover from the convulsions.

Abdominal pain:

•  Using honey stomach pain after eating food that is ending.
•  Drinking water mixed with honey and relief of abdominal pain.

Loosen tight vagina:

10  grams of honey  , 5  grams mixed with ghee putting on tight vagina vagina is relaxed.


With nearly three grams of honey in the morning of nigella seeds are consumed away from amnesia.

Low intelligence development:

With honey approximately  1  gram of silver consumed in the morning and evening to the fourth part of the development of the intellect increases.

Chest pain:

People were drinking with honey and powdered buttermilk powder to get the benefits of chest pain.

Cidcidapan and dispel the gloom of mind:

Pole tumor with honey around  1  or  2  tablets in the morning and evening to get rid of the irritable temperament and inner sadness.

Enhancing memories:

•  honey approximately  3  grams of the powder mixed with nigella seeds are sharp memories of licking.
•  Approximately  30  grams of honey  20  grams melted butter mixed memories of mind by taking a day after meals is fast.


• 6  grams  to 10  grams of honey in warm water  for 45  to  60  days of continuous drinking all types of skin disease ,  rash (mark) ,  scabies-itching to recover. Even if the disease gets too comfortable in the disease.
•  pure honey mixed with sulfur Amlasar itching to eat is completely cured.According to the patient's symptoms sulfur approximately  gram is the fourth part can not give up.

Skin Disease:

•  Rash putting real honey skin disease quickly recover.
•  Add a little honey in black soil boils on the body where there is Funsia benefit from putting on.

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