Thursday, 6 November 2014

Now Get healthy skin at any age

beautiful skin

Pollution, dust, stress, sunlight and do not let sedentary day our skin has to face things. Through specific and easy measures you can always look beautiful and young. Learn about the measures-in 

Avoid sun
Many ways to skin from sun damage. Bright sunlight can also steal your color this season. Be tan skin, wrinkles, and other skin problems can Spot. So do not forget to apply sunscreen before exiting. In four out of ten in the morning sun should be avoided because of the sun at this time is quite fast.

Facial Cleansing necessary

Clijing once a week to the face, toning, scrubbing and massage is necessary. Deposited on the face of it removes dead skin and open pores Rome in the face brighten. You can easily do this parlor or at home. 

Sip water for moisture

If make skin naturally beautiful day drink 8-10 liters of water. Will retain the natural moisture in the skin and the skin will not look sticky. It also helps to keep the body healthy and is Haidreted skin. 


Do not forget to Night cream 
Night cream Svsth and shiny skin persists. And it also helps your skin's natural repair. Moscraijr regular use prevents wrinkles and keep your skin supple and bright assists.

Sleep is important to 
take adequate sleep and tired skin looks strained. Enough sleep on a regular basis is helpful in keeping your skin healthy and young.

Certain vitamin helps maintain the radiance of your skin, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, etc.

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