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Lifeboats the ORS solution

Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS), dehydration or an economical and effective way to remove dehydration. Ilektrols through the body, Glugkoj and get adequate amounts of water. diarrhea ORS for babies less than a lifesaving. It goes right to diarrhea in children. Children who are victims of diarrhea without medical advice can be given ORS solution. It is not the lack of water in the body of the child. The health of the children can avoid losing too much. Remember, while the child's life can become.

Often we start feeding baby diarrhea drug. While at times it does not have. Experts also believe that most cases of diarrhea in three to four days to recover from the ORS and zinc are the solution. If Domctor writes a drug, then, not the drug itself dictate otherwise not feed your child a drug. The child is the most important thing to prevent diarrhea Dushprabavon awareness among parents. If parents take the right decision at the right time, the baby's precious life will be saved. Only 40 per cent of the children in the world is able to find the right treatment of diarrhea. It is not only in poor or developing countries, diarrhea is a serious disease, but also in developed countries pneumonia is considered the second most dangerous disease. ORS is a highly effective way to avoid diarrhea.


The World Health Organization in 1978, oral rehydration therapy at home with luggage introduced the Oarti and ORS. This treatment reduced the number of deaths from diarrhea have caused. ORS before the 50 million people every year due to diarrhea were Gwante your life, but now that figure is down to 1.5 million. ORS for its usefulness is recognized around the world. It is considered the century's greatest medical achievement.

Go to the doctor when

Yun diarrhea in three or four days is fine. If it does not, then the doctor should be. In addition to the increased diarrhea or diarrhea with blood should definitely go to the doctor came. Getting the child with diarrhea are frequent vomiting, then you should contact a doctor. Diarrhea, fever and fatigue as well as getting the child, then it is time that you take him to the vet. If the child is very much feel thirsty, even if administered medical aid to him without delay.

When to use ORS

Stools three or more times a day if the child comes to ORS he should start. If the age of the child is six months or more can be given 20 mg of zinc daily. The tablet can be in any form or syrup. Child-half to two weeks it may be pills or syrup. If the child is under the age of six months can be either 10 mg of zinc. How to prepare ORS

  • ORS preparation Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before.
  • Before embarking on ORS packets to read well written directions.
  • Enter ORS packet in a clean pot.
  • Then add sufficient quantities of clean water. If you would not have the right amount of water, it can lead to side effects of diarrhea.
  • Prepare ORS only in water. Milk, soup, fruit juices and soft drinks should not be consumed with. It also will not be given any additional sugar.
  • After shaking the mixture well with a clean cup Feed baby. The solution should not drink from the bottle.
  • If the child vomits after drinking it again to wait a while to ORS.

Parents should encourage their children to drink ORS. Diarrhea in children under two years since ORS should take at least 75 to 125 ml. Children over the two years from 125 to 250 ml. Solution should take daily.

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