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The water discharged from the disease: Copper glass of water: Water in copper vessels:

 Rose water'll have the copper pot will leave these 10 diseases

Ujjain.  That Night and put in Water Copper vessels and drink in the morning so there are many this Water Benefits.  Ayurveda states that the Water calms many Flaws body.  Additionally, the Water and Toxic Substances exit from the body. On the Night the stored Water in Copper vessels Tamrajl Known IS. It IS A in caring for at least 8 HOURS POT Copper Water IS beneficial kept that. The problem IS Most people who cough, they shouldnt put it in the Water A FEW leaves of basil. Very FEW people know that there are many Benefits of Drinking Water Copper pots. Today we are going to drink to you Tell Copper vessels from Water stored in some of the best Benefits ... about healthy Maintaining Healthy Skin Skin Most people COSMETICS Use varied. They believe that good COSMETICS Use the Skin IS Beautiful, but that's not true. Skin has the Most effect on your Routine and Catering. So if you want to make your Skin healthy and keep the Water overnight in A Copper Vessel in the morning drink the Water. The Skin will look and feel healthy Gloing regular Prescriptions of adoption. The IS controlled by Thyroid Disease Thyroid Hormones Thayreksin IS caused by an Imbalance of. Thyroid Symptoms of Major Rapid Weight loss or GAIN, Fatigue, etc. more. Thyroid experts believe that the Water balance in the body makes Hormones Thayreksin Copper touch. It also CONTROLS the Functioning of the gland. Copper POT IS Placed in the control of Drinking Water from Disease. Arthritis and Arthritis occurs in many people Nowadays Faydemnd- Joint pain problem at an early age to Seem him TROUBLE. If you are Bothered by the Character of the problem of the Daily Copper Water drink. Arthritis reported, the Copper POT IS Placed in the Drinking Water to Get the Benefits from. Such tend Properties Copper POT to come in, which Reduces uric acid in the body and Swollen joints and relieve pain caused by Arthritis. Always will Jwan- say, who drinks on Water Too much Even in her old age Skin, Wrinkles do not show up. The thing IS PERFECT, but you know that if you drink it in with A Copper Vessel Water, then it away of the Skin sag etc. Goes Dead Skin IS also appears removed and Effervescent Face Always. digestion FIX-the acidity or GAS or any other stomach problems, Copper pots Water acts like Elixir. If off blood loss anemia or blood loss IS A problem that many Indian women are upset over the age of 30. Most Amazing about the fact that it IS Copper IS an important prerequisite in the Most processes of body. It WORKS IS necessary for the body to Absorb Nutrients. For this reason, in Drinking Water Copper pots stored away GO blood loss or disorder. According to Ayurveda, if you want to draw out toxins from your body kept in at A Copper Vessel least 8 HOURS Water Drink. The relief and also will relieve Digestive problems. Maintaining healthy heart - stress Nowadays has become PART of everyone's Daily Routine. Therefore, the NUMBER of people suffering from heart Disease and stress IS increasing rapidly. If you have TROUBLE with Leave it overnight in the Water and the Copper JUG. Morning drink it. Copper Vessel Contained Drinking Water Throughout the IS provided the body by the blood. Cholesterol and heart are Diseases remains in control.  Cancer Cancer shouldnt drink Water subsidiary, Always kept in A Copper Vessel. This has the Advantage. Copper POT Placed in Water Vata, Pitta and Kapha Removes complaint. Such anti-oxidant Water contains, which the Disease Provide power to fight. According to the American Cancer Society, Cancer patients Copper has many Ways to help . The metal IS beneficial. Microbes in nature-the Copper turns Oligodaynemic (as Sterilized effect of metals on bacteria) are Considered. Hence the consumption of the POT to keep in Water Can BE Harmful bacteria destroyed easily. It Housed from Diarrhea Drinking Water, Diseases such as Diarrhea and Jaundice Mites Die, but the clear and Water shouldnt BE CLEAN. Weight Loss helps to Forms A Young age at GAIN Weight IS A Nowadays Common problem. If any person wants to lose with Weight Exercise shouldnt drink kept him in Water Copper vessels. The Extra fat in the body Drinking Water IS Reduced by. I do not have any gaps or Weaknesses in the body.

Indian family in the Kitchen, in Another era, Copper, brass, Bronze vessels were Found to BE.  Steel Vessel IS an Invention of the Modern Times. Indeed, in our Culture, Copper, brass and Bronze Utensils are used A NUMBER of Hidden behind Health-Related reasons. 1. According to Ayurveda ISM POT Copper Placed in the regular Drinking Water keeps our body Fit and constipation, acidity, Afara, Various Skin-Disease, Joint pain and Complaints Get rid of. Without having to brush morning he drink A liter of IS beneficial for Water Health. According to Ayurveda, made ​​from Copper-metal 'Water-Eligible "IS Considered the best. In the absence of Copper in soils 'Water-POT' IS Suggested are also beneficial. 2. Copper Poisonous Substances to food-so does the ability to Kill the virus itself, the Membrane of the CELLS and interferes with the enzyme, for which IS not possible to Microbes Survive. Dangerous bacteria like E-coli in Copper pots Can not exist. The tests also Proved that the only Copper in Four HOURS Normal Temperature, such as E-coli bacteria kills Harmful. Conversely Stenlas- Steel Ground bacteria for more Than Can Live A month 3. Copper glow in the body that IS the Skin Receives the Benefit, Wedge-acne Complaints Too far apart are. Destruction of Living in the stomach and helps HUNGRY Worms. Because of the increasing age of the blood and blood Disorders helps PRESSURE destruction, mouth Flatulence, Gmurian come, Heat-Related Disorders such as Irritation of the Less Eyes are. The acidity of the Headaches, Dizziness and problems like stomach Irritation Rare are. Hemorrhoids and other Profitable Diseases like anemia. Many people have experienced the Kfnashk Properties. Brass Ware HOURS Ten to eight in the Water to keep the body from Copper and zinc, will Benefit Two metals. Zinc in the body Reduces Growth of the protein-Related Diseases as well as beneficial to also remove the Hair IS. 4. Researchers Research Hospital in Birmingham Conventional toilet seat, DOOR Push plates, Copper Turning by FAUCET Handils You gave Hey Sesrij. When they Compare the Density of bacteria present in other Conventional toilet and Found that on the Surface of Copper 90 to 100 Fiydi bacteria were Low. In this Research Study at the University Hospital Birmingham Team LEADER Professor Tom Eliatt Birmingham and South Africa, said tests showed that the Use of Copper in the Ground floor of the hospital kept largely free of Can BE Harmful bacteria. Copper Copper biocides Related Research also shows that keeps Contamination. That fact Tamrpatron Can Apply 5. 46 Verses of Ayurveda in the fifth chapter of the book Rsratnsmuchcy states that it has been thoroughly cleaned inside and out of copper or brass (the alloy of 70 percent copper and 30 percent zinc is Snyug) in pottery eight to ten copper and zinc properties held for hours in the water, and this water is infected (Tamrajl) is beneficial for the entire body


6. Water your Memory FOCUS on the fact that because we How A POT HANDY. If you overnight or for at least Four HOURS Water in Copper vessels Keep it takes some Submerged Copper Properties. The Water especially good for your liver and your Health Generally IS and power-Elation. If the BE to Water pumped rapidly with countless bends Circling glass or Plastic pipe support reaches your home with all these curves Rgdhate-strike passing the Considerable Negativity takes place. But the Water back to its Original Form as well as the Memory power to Reach IS. If you put Tap on the Water without an HOUR to the Work-Dulaye Negativity will then automatically Disappear 7. Copper and Silver are more bacteria-repellent Properties when metals' Nano as are the metal as millions of Surface Times Extended may BE. This Task Can BE A from run of small metal AMOUNT. 'Nano-Copper "and" NANO-Silver "was the result of Research have Surfaced in the Last 10-15 Years, and these Water and Air FILTERS FILTERS Technology has been adopted. But the irony IS that people Can Get an Expensive-Expensive Water-Filter Prefer to drink the Water, not the Water into Copper Kitchenware. The Educated and sophisticated to say it's overly Conservative Practices of Pledging brave old understands, and IS SEALED to the West, he embraces Gladly. Freeze Water in Modern Plastic bottle Placing or ZERO IS TECH Water Pyurifayr his Life Force energy. Pyurifayr bacteria out of the Water Course IS free, but ZERO IS the Life Force energy. The Human body IS made Five of ELEMENTS up. Water IS an Element of wool. Nowadays due to the lack of IS sacrifice of old Indian Way Water Element in our body, making the Kidney and urinary tract Diseases Concerned IS growing. Social Life Force energy of the Water to ZERO, IS Impotence also increasing .. Many Water bottle Placed Once in the car leaves. Hakplastik Sun hot Water bottles Placed in the Water Too long and the Temperature IS greater Than the Heat of the Water Goes out into the Plastic A chemical called dioxin . Does it cause Cancer Hakvotr also made ​​from the same Plastic Pyurifayr. similarly, in Plastic wrap in the microwave or in Plastic CONTAINERS Heat to the food, it Becomes Poisonous Chemicals. especially if eating Ghee or OIL. Similar glasses made of styrene foam and Chemicals Donebi Leave. 

A glass of Rose shouldnt drink after Bathing Water, the Water Salient  

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A glass of drink each day after shouldnt Water, these are the Salient Features of Water  
Ujjain.  At this Time in the Country from the wrath of the Sun IS Roasting Intense Heat.  If people do not Get A Compulsion Most if not out in the afternoon . Summer Outing longer Getting the Disease Increases the chances are of many types.  Heat that our bodies are important to protect the Most Water Always enough.  The body will have enough power to fight the Heat Continued.  Due to our body as sweat of the Heat Water Decreases very rapidly, will decrease the possibility of the Water Heat Increases STROKE.  As well as several other Diseases may occur.  Keep in mind to prevent the Drinking Water from Time to Time.  
The Scholars according to rules that are important in relation to Drinking Water. What Time shouldnt we drink so much Water, so keep this in mind miraculous Health Benefits.

- If A glass of Water A person drinks every day, rising early in the morning so his Digestive Always power IS in Order.  The body draws energy.  If arranged so that digestion IS A person Can Live for longevity.  
- every day after we Bathing shouldnt drink A glass of Water.  This IS A systematic Circulation.  
- Every day at least before Bedtime Half A glass of Water to drink.  Doing so Reduces the chances of heart attack A.  
Chanakya Policy in relation to Water  
at the wrong Time Acharya Chanakya IS Drinking Water Harmful to Health has reported that.  There are some Circumstances when Water Damage. Therefore, take care of this Policy as outlined here shouldnt ...  
Acharya Chanakya says ...  
Aziarne Beshjn Blpradm Jiarne Wari Wari.  
Wari Vispradm dining Chamritn Bhojnante ..  
Acharya said that the special CAUTION Regarding STAFF dinner drink.  Effects IS Digested food properly Function Provides energy for our bodies to.  So in relation to Water Policy shouldnt take dinner given here.  
Eat not to drink Water Immediately after

Teacher shouldnt not drink the Water Just after the meal.  As long as IS not Digested food, then IS Water Harmful to Health also.  If person A has Drinking problems after takes in food to his Digestive System Digest food.  If food not properly IS Pchega the body will not receive the Proper energy.  In Case of Indigestion, stomach problems are more likely to Disease BE.  
Eating, Drinking Water Immediately after he acts like poison, interrupt the food IS Digested.  So if we want A little Water in between meals Can drink, but drink more Water Can Harmful BE.  
When Sip Water  
Chanakya says that when Digested food IS completely, then shouldnt drink the Water.  Effects Water Digested food IS as he ambrosia WORKS.  Guests also Digestive System Provides energy to the body and stays healthy.  The Digestive System IS healthy, there IS good stomach A.  Belly Recovery constipation, GAS, Indigestion, etc. are not problems.

Keep in mind, One or Two glasses of drink sometime Can Water before meals. While eating in Water One or Two of SIPS between IS beneficial.  To do this, the food IS Digested quickly.  Additionally, increased Digestive power.  
Further, know something about Water and essential rules ...  
- whenever we are thirsty, you shouldnt drink at least One glass of Water Course. This Completes Water loss our body.  
- Labor shouldnt not drink Water Immediately after the Work.  Work hard Effects shouldnt drink at least Half an HOUR later.  
- Now that Summer's day in the Sun, so keep this in mind wander back home Immediately after the Water shouldnt not drink.  Quite warm in the Sun and keeps the body from rotating on the situation of Drinking Water Health IS Deteriorating.  
- Heatstroke Cold, the Cold Water and hot Water to drink on the GO.  It relieves the body.  
Water IS the lifeblood of all Living beings and it plays an important Role for our good Health.  This thing all know the Health Benefits of Water, Benefits of the miraculous variety but of the Water Can BE obtained.  If not Getting IS A person with Luck, you will meet in the WORKS Failure, suffering in Life IS persistent, ongoing problems in the family when the Water in some miraculous Way to Get IS relief from all troubles.  According to the Scriptures, to have some steps taken with BE Water, which may also Found in the BE Times Too bad Auspicious  
Auspicious Sleep the Night of these measures before the Water  
returned to the Night before in Bed A Copper Keep your HEAD Water filling.  Keep in mind that when we are asleep, then he shouldnt Sleep Thus Lota us not Dul.  On the morning of the Water returned to the root of an acacia Tree to Ascend.  This MEASURE Can BE used in any other Auspicious.  This will destroy the MEASURE Negative energy all around you.  If you have an evil EYE, then shall he descend.  
Every Saturday, the Water will Scatter People  
Get rid of People Every Saturday you will BE the Impurities in the Water sacrificed so Saturn and all the gods will be pleased.

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