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Keep in mind these things before donating

All donations are the best way, but all blood donations are best. It saves a human life, so everyone should donate blood. Any healthy person can donate blood every 3 months. So let's learn some important information such blood-related.

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Keep these things in mind before donating blood

   Blood donation before the mind that your age is between 18 and 60 years, and your weight exceeds 45 kg.
   Keep in mind that HIV, Hepatitis B or C is not a disease like.
    At least 12 weeks prior to entering the blood and blood not to be taken in the last 12 months.
    Give blood do not place any marks or bruises.
    Hemoglobin exceeds 12.5.

    The other part of the body is also working regularly.
    Before giving blood hearty breakfast / meal occurred. Eat a light meal before donating blood. Or may be complaints of vomiting and anxiety.
    3 hours nutritious meal before giving blood.
    Keep in mind that your health is good.
    Drink a glass of water, blood, and then take some liquids.
    Nervousness and a cup of tea or coffee drink relax on.
    Do not smoke before donating. You can smoke 3 hours after donation.
    48 hours ago you took the alcohol, you will not be eligible to donate blood.
    If a woman is donating Keep in mind that this would not be the premenstrual.
    If you breastfeed your baby, you can not donate blood.
    Keep in mind Dispopjhebl syringe used for blood donation are going.
    Before donating, make sure that the institution / doctor that you are about to donate or not to follow the general guidelines. You are donated to the institution that comes under the actual blood donation organization is not even.

 ( the health welfare of blood donation )

Keep these things in mind before donating necessary

1. hemoglobin - 12.5 percent. 2. Weight -45 kg (female), 55 kg man. 3. Blood pressure - / 2 110/60 - 140/90 be. 4. Pulse - is 80-100. 5. The temperature is -99.5.

After having done these things to keep in mind

• After donating blood should not go on foot or by bicycle. About half an hour, do not have some kind of physical activity. • Accept the donation after being given breakfast is of vital importance to him because you. Then you are best advised to eat.

With a few drops of your blood can save a life. Blood donation and your friends and relatives also encouraged to because there is less blood donation of life.

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