Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Diabetes project for pregnant women

The American Diabetes Association statistics suggest that about four percent of pregnant women experience gestational diabetes. GDM occurs when pregnant women have never had high blood sugar diabetes during pregnancy, especially lately. Plans for about 135 000 cases of pregnant women with gestational diabetes for installation in the United States each year.Women who develop gestational diabetes are likely to develop type 2 diabetes. Pregnancy is caused by failure by the parent in the system that produced insulin in the body naturally. associated with pregnancy, the hormones they produce, they are resistant to insulin. These are the conditions for pregnant women develop high blood sugar, also known as hyperglycemia.It is normal for women with diabetes during pregnancy for treatment even during pregnancy.congenital malformations associated with pregnancy, diabetes mellitus or pregnancy are not normal. Therefore, it can not be a big concern for children in this situation. The problem, however, may come a time when the task allowed to go untreated. Have excessive blood sugar, which means that the unborn child more than his share, or get fat and energy. This condition can lead to Makrosomiya or big kid.No matter how many people believe that fat is a sign of a healthy child, a child who weighs more than normally needed when it comes to birth. This can be very large to pass through the birth canal of the mother. The situation will almost always deliver a predetermined section. In addition, overweight children often have trouble breathing and finally, if they are still obese, type 2 diabetes alone.It's better when treatment is available gestational diabetes. Doctors recommend regular doses of insulin to restore her mother's blood sugar to normal levels. Women who want to avoid pregnancy, gestational diabetes, physical preparation. Physical therapy includes regular exercise, weight loss, and take a balanced diet. Women planning pregnancy should find also good glycemic index. The glycemic index helps people discover which foods to avoid to prevent diabetes or diabetic patients to help contain the disease.Pregnant women should and should follow the doctor for exercise and diet, particularly consumption of carbohydrates. Before pregnancy, women should always consult their doctor about their weight problems and ways to prevent diabetes. Professional counseling is important for women to prevent complications during pregnancy.A pregnant woman who was diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy, her baby has a low risk of developing type 2 diabetes. GDM can be easily handled and not great. Pregnant women have access to a range of care their condition. What you should do is follow that doctors say.

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