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What are the signs and symptoms of acne vulgaris

The manifestations of acne differ according to skin types and different contributing factors making the signs and symptoms different for every individual. Let us understand the signs and symptoms of acne vulgaris.

acne vulgaris

Acne can be in the form of cysts, nodules, whiteheads, blackheads, papules or pustules.The non-inflamed acne consist of a cluster of blackheads, whiteheads and microcomedones which do not appear to be inflamed or reddened from outside. Non-inflamed acne does not pain a lot and generally gives a bumpy feeling in the texture of the skin.

They usually make the skin rough and uneven. At later stages, these clogged pores develop into papules and pustules, if the blackheads and whiteheads are not removed in time. A regular cleansing and toning session can keep the non-inflamed acne at bay.

Inflamed acne appears red and is accompanied by an itch most of the time. This category of acne can change shape and turn into cysts and nodules causing excessive swelling in the skin. In severe cases, people also complain of pus-filled oozing acne with scabbing and crusting of the lesions. These can leave permanent scars or acne blemishes on the face which can be removed or made fainter with the help of laser techniques.

skin conditions

The most common site of acne occurrence is the face. Other body parts such as neck, upper arms, back, chest, inner thighs and shoulders also undergo the same signs of acne vulgaris as the skin there is equally sensitive.

Scarring or darkening of the skin along with slight discolouration are the most commonly experienced signs and symptoms of acne.
These symptoms have a tendency to persist even when the acne die down.

One must take proper care post-acne flare-ups, to heal the spots and pigmentation completely as they leave scope for acne vulgaris to reappear. Stress and reduced self-esteem is another symptom of people prone to acne.

Above all, there has been no proven way to reduce the occurrence of acne vulgaris completely. Individuals in their thirties and forties also reportedly suffer from the signs and symptoms of acne vulgaris that at times develop into acute cases of acne.

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