Thursday, 2 June 2016

Delete the itching problem Ayurvedic Medicine

Itching in hIndi===============================================================
On the surface of the skin and skin irritation would realize there is a temptation to scratch the itch that perception is. There are many causes of stress and anxiety, such as itching, dry skin, stay in the sun longer, drug adverse reactions, mosquito or other insect bites, Fnfudiy infection, caused by illicit sexual relations, infected by the disease; Funsiya or skin, head or other body parts, etc. The presence of ticks.

Itchy caution

Itching to take care of primary care as a purifying visit Chahiyekkhujli when lying, you clean soft cloth Dijiyelprvॄti stroking the location of the cold or hot water to wash the place Liziye (someone cold So someone would rest with hot water from the water, be sure to choose according to your water) can lower Ksabun should reduce, and only then treated to Krenkkbj Mॄdu use soap.

Ayurvedic treatment for scabies

Itchy place considerable relief by applying sandalwood oil. Dshang coating, which has been prepared by Ayurvedic herbs 10, substantially relieve itching. Neem oil, neem leaves paste or even get rid of the itch. Itching to recover sulfur treatment is considered excellent. Neem powder skin infection and to get relief from itching. Morning empty stomach to drink aloe vera juice to get rid of the itch. Lemon juice mixed with equal amounts of linseed oil and rub it on the itchy place to get rid of all the itching. Fresh coconut juice and tomato mixture itchy itching is also putting in place. Itching caused by dry skin can be reduced by applying the cream of milk. 25 g mango tree bark, bark of acacia trees and 25 grams per liter of water to boil, and the water vapor take place suffer. If this process affected area and apply butter pat. The itching will disappear.  The most effective remedy for itchy dry and dull skin moisture massage oil which meets.

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